"Competition brings out the best of one's ever seen skill"

CREATIVITY and INNOVATION forms the nucleus whether it is a toy that moves around amusing the kids or a huge humanoid with artificial intelligence.to ignite the inherent creativity in today's students and to empower them as tomorrow's enviable scientists of our Country, RAIF is Organizing a nationwide robotics competition for school students to encourage and bring out the hidden "Little Scientists" in them - from Simple to Complex and from Small to Large designs and applications.

Competition is powered by Knowledge,
Knowledge is powered by Technology,
Technology is powered by Innovation
- Dr. APJ Kalam


RobotzIndia V4.0 provides the inspiring students, a chance and opportunity to show what they can give to this advent - to bring new ideas to the fore, to design and formulate a novel technology, to raise the bar to where it has never been before - and take one step further in creating the ultimate man machine.

RobotzIndia V4.0 presents the challenging competition under the theme of "Robotz Land". Robotz Land is the competition which enables the students to build the robots which is operating, manipulating, interfacing and functioning on land related domain fields. It's a place for fun and adventure. Hope everyone eagers to taste the same. So, here is your chance of exhibiting yourself and stand a loft among others!

Robotz Land introduces three different competition which are far different from each other. It's a game filled with challenges. So, get ready. Explore yourself. And showcase yourself to the world.

Robotzindia V4.0 presents the theme 'Robotz Space'. Robotz Space is all about engaging students to explore the world of space and the emerging technology behind it. It's a challenging and a brainstorming innovative game which brings the student a real view of aerospace world. Curious about making your own robot to explore the space. Here is your space. Students can make, fly and operate their own robots in the challenging atmosphere given to the student. Let's fly!!

To encourage and bring out the hidden "Little Scientists" in students - from Simple to Complex and from Small to Large designs and applications, RobotzIndia V4.0 presents 'My Innovation' challenge.

Students are encouraged to present their innovative ideas and projects which can produce an impact to the world. Here comes the "YottaInnovation".

Let's build an innovative INDIA!